He began a harmonica by self-education. He went to NY attracted by genuine music in 1989.
It was a stay of only a half year, but he was interested in jazz and the blues very much and did jam session with a local musician in a blues bar.
He went back to my own country to meet Mr. CHIKARA TSUZUKI that heard a rumor in NY.
And I learned the pleasure of the harmonica and an expression method of the music from him for five years.
He was influenced by Mr. CHIKARA TSUZUKI in 1997 and went to Paris. And I experienced jam session and a street performance.
And he wanted to try my ability and participated in a contest.

He won an excellent prize by a No. 19 F.I.H.JAPAN harmonica contest (Japan) in 1999.
He won the championship at No. 3 Asia international harmonica contest (Korea) in 2000.
He won the championship in an international harmonica contest (Germany) Blues.Rock.Folk.Countory section in 2001.
He became the second harmonica world champion as a Japanese.

He produced first album "飛行船- Flying Ship " in 2002.
Mr. Lee Oscar of a world-famous harmonica player heard heard performance.
And he signed his microphone and presented it to him.
He released CD "GHIBLI the Harmonica" than Hacla label (Aniplex sony) in 2006.
He did a concert tour with a classic style with "D.d.M" in 2007.
And he played with Mr. Lee Oskar in japan.